Working Areas

Evaluation of agricultural waste
Recycling of waste paper
Synthesis of antitumor alkaloids

Separation Processes
Fractional distillation
Like filtration . techniques

Fuel Analysis
Elemental combustible substances ( sulfur, nitrogen , carbon, hydrogen ) analysis
Solid fuels, etc. volatiles . determinations
Freezing in liquid fuels , combustion, and aniline point, viscosity and so on. measurements
Chemicals in the moisture , ash, etc. . determinations
In the solid porosity, surface area, etc. . determinations
Determination of fluidized bed of solid fuels and related emissions measurements yakılabilirlik
Hydrogen-rich fuels

Advanced Coating Technologies
The obtention of the liquid crystal and laser dyes dyes
in nanotechnology applications of laser dyes
Of textile dyestuffs engineered
Determination of textile dyeing and fastness
Obtained by supercritical fluid extraction and application of natural dyes
Determining characteristics of food coloring

Environmental Technologies
Evaluation of plastic waste
Flue gas analysis
Drinking water analysis
Soil analysis
Waste water analysis
Commercial ambient air analysis
Noise measurements

• Cathodic protection
• industrial surface preparation and coating
• Chemical washing inhibitor use


• Composite material production
• Boron doped materials
• Killer
• Various waste materials in the manufacture of

Wastewater treatment plants
Water treatment plants
Geothermal energy systems
Solar energy systems
The design of the heat exchanger
The designs of fuel cells
Packed column and fluidized bed designs
Design of Cyclones
catalyst preparation
Exhaust converters dryers , humidifiers , grinding and so on. The design of devices for different purposes

ISO 9001 Quality Management System
ISO 13001 (HACCP) Analysis and Critical Control Point Management DANGER my Siıste
ISO 14001 Environmental MANAGEMENT SYSTEM
ISO 18001 ( OHSAS) Occupational Health and Security Management System
TS EN ISO 17025 Laboratory Accreditation
EIA Environmental Impact Assessment
Fire Safety