Internship Commission Announcement Report Submission 2022-23 1st semester
4 October 2022 | 10:55

To the Attention of Our Students Doing Their Internships in the 2021-2022 Summer Term;
1. The deadline for submission of internship reports is Friday, October 21, 2021, at 17:00. After the specified date, the internship report will not be accepted.
2. All documents belonging to our students' internships must be submitted until the above-mentioned date.
It is obligatory to hand-deliver it to the Grading Officer of the Department of Chemical Engineering against signature, otherwise the internships will be deemed invalid. Internship Success certificates, which must be given by the company, must also be delivered to the department secretariat by the specified date. The delay in the cargo should be taken into account by the student!
3. Internship reports must be bound with internship report covers from student affairs.
4. Our students are required to enroll in KM200 (CHE200) or KM300 (CHE300) courses in the 2022-2023 Fall Semester.
5. Following the deadline of the Internship Reports, the distribution of the Internship Reports to our Faculty Members will be made and announced on our Department website. Our students are required to follow the announcements and contact the relevant Faculty Members.
Please check the list below before submitting your documents, do not submit missing documents!
1. Bound internship report
2. CD with internship report
3. Internship consent form
4. Surveys (employer and student surveys)
5. Student evaluation form (approved by the commission, photographed and signed)
6. Internship success forms (Copies of internship success documents from department and student affairs, by the company
must be placed in a sealed envelope)
7. If the internship was done on Saturdays, the document showing this situation
Industry Relations and Internship Commission

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