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General Information

Chemical Engineering What ?

Chemical Engineering includes all the substances used in daily life of the product in the conversion of the raw material includes . In this range of chemical technology , chemical reactions, process control, separation processes , transport phenomena , such as cost optimization are studied . At first the basic operations of chemical engineering and of chemical reactions which were thought to be limited to a production technology . However , in order to meet the needs of the developing world today from disciplinary studies are needed . This situation has necessitated the engineers to overcome the classical definition . In this direction several engineering disciplines such as chemical engineering, basic operations, chemical technologies and reaction engineering , as well as biotechnology, energy, environment, materials, production, recycling and conservation, as well as many topics to include in the scope has expanded.

Our Mission

Students gain knowledge  and skills up to date and are educated according to the technological developments to meet the expectations of society, to play an important role in the development of the country to

Our Vision

 "Chemical Engineer" training department is in between the universities graduating examplary chemical engineers


• Succeed in graduate and doctoral studies,

• Public and private organizations active in the area,

• A team player,

• Pioneer in research and development,

• To provide with engineers on Human health, environmental health, occupational safety and ethical issues,

• Knowledgeable about the legal consequences of engineering solutions


• Modern education and training program,

• Interactive media in education and training,

• Student's productivity, and entrepreneurship designer will reveal a floor,

• Students to research and develop the necessary technical facilities,

our department is to provide strategy to be followed.

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